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Why Your Company Should Party During the Holidays

December 7, 2018    |     S. R. Dolan

Corporate culture is everything today. Yes, we all want to make money and retire happy. But the business world has become less concrete, and the future for younger generations isn't always about a 401(k) and insurance. As millennials come of age and begin taking more serious positions, unique culture is becoming the new norm.

While the idea of a beer station at a startup might make more traditional professionals cringe, the reality is that we live in an increasingly exasperating time. Some perks at work can truly make your organization and your staff more excited for the workday and appreciate the organization more overall.

At Advantage, we take our culture seriously. We see ourselves as a family, and as such we try to celebrate together every chance we get. 

This year, we upped our holiday game and had a huge holiday party, complete with games, raffles (including a raffle for anyone who participated in company health initiatives like flu shots, step competitions, biometric screenings, massages, etc.) and a visit from Santa himself!

In our experience, we've found that work life can get pretty darn stressful. It's important for morale and mental health to just let loose sometimes, and enjoy an afternoon out as a family.

If you feel the drag around the office, it might be time to reinvent your culture. Doing so will attract more young up-and-coming professionals while also pleasing your loyal existing staff base.

With that, Advantage wishes everyone a happy and healthy holiday season!







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