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Webinar: Driving Customer Understanding Through Content Intelligence

December 28, 2018    |     Idio

Advantage Business Marketing's partners at Idio have created a webinar that digs in deep to reveal the vast benefits behind buyer intent data. Discover how to boost your sales and educate your customers and prospects through content intelligence.

From Idio:

In 40 minutes learn how to automatically turn content into insights that improve marketing performance:

  1. Why marketers use content intelligence to understand and serve buyers
  2. How to operationalize buyer insights from content consumption
  3. Which technologies B2B orgs use in 2018 to turn content into buyer insights.

Many B2B businesses have generated vast quantities of content to accelerate the buying process, however, very few are using it to understand and predict buyer intent. The result is underperforming nurture programs, diminishing engagement and increased content waste. Marketers lack content intelligence, which would allow them to derive insights from their buyer’s content consumption – and optimize their efforts accordingly.

In this webinar, Forrester senior analyst Ryan Skinner will share his research into how leading Enterprise B2B firms are harnessing advances in Machine Learning to derive Content Intelligence.

Watch the Webinar Now (and download the slides for free!)


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