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National Media Publisher Pivots Business Model to Deliver Greater Customer Value

June 19, 2018    |     Advantage PR Team

Advantage Business Media Rebrands to Advantage Business Marketing Unveiling a Powerful Content Channel Mix for Companies to More Rapidly Attract and Convert

ROCKAWAY, N.J.June 19, 2018 -- Advantage Business Marketing, the marketing content leader for more than one million innovators at science, design engineering, and manufacturing companies, today announced a rebranding and a series of consolidations and restructuring to better reflect the Advantage market direction and vision.  

Born from 100 years of media, Advantage is changing the face of traditional media publishing, offering a more integrated content base and an extensive data-rich community for clients to reach. 

Advantage Business Marketing is living a 360 view of their vision and commitment to customers to Measure. Optimize. Succeed., by challenging the company to become its own case study.

Advantage CEO Bruce Cummings said, "Advantage Business Marketing is a transformation beyond traditional media into a multi-channel content offering, so businesses have more power to measure, optimize and succeed.  Ultimately, we are a marketing company that directs great content to our customers so they can leverage the tools and content channels to reach and convert more influencers and buying communities." 

"For content and Account Based Marketing to be successful it needs to be quantified, we are converting how traditional publishing is perceived to allow audience, content, and data to flow more freely and naturally," added Cummings.

For more than a decade, Advantage served as the silent parent of 23 well-known vertical industry media channels spanning the entirety of the B2B manufacturing space, including: ALN, Bioscience Technology, CED, Chem.Info, Controlled Environments, Drug Discovery & Development, ECN, Food Manufacturing, Forensic Magazine, IMPO, Industrial Distribution, Laboratory Design, Laboratory Equipment, Manufacturing Business Technology,, Medical Design Technology, Pharmaceutical Processing, Product Design & Development, R&D, Scientific Computing, Surgical Products, Wireless Design & Development, and Wireless Week.

To better serve internal and external stakeholders, Advantage has unified the media channels and audiences for customers and partners to access the value of a data rich offering.

This new environment offers holistic marketing and data services to customers that efficiently engage target audience demand units, moving them through the buyer journey in a way that can easily be tied to sales pipeline and closed business data.

About Advantage Business Marketing

Advantage Business Marketing helps more than one million innovators at science, design engineering and manufacturing companies discover and procure new technologies that give them a competitive advantage.  The team provides measurable marketing solutions delivering the news, trends and analysis needed for business success. Advantage leverages proprietary behavioral-data intelligence to strengthen brand awareness, provide thought leadership, drive traffic and deliver qualified leads.

Twitter:  @B2BAdvantage 
Facebook:  @AdvantageBusinessMarketing



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