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April 4, 2019    |     Lindsay Jawor

Welcome back for part two of our blog post Marketing in 2019: The Trends So Far. Click here to read part one!

With the close of Q1, we’re seeing what’s working for marketers in 2019. There’s a lot of buzz around video, content, and social—so we’re diving in to share the notable trends and surprising stats of the year so far.


Video: Experiential Marketing, Live Streaming, Video News Portals

Does anyone remember a few years ago, when we were all convinced video was dying? We’re happy to report that those days are long gone. Video has made a wildly successful resurgence, due in part to experiential marketing efforts.

Experiential marketing is exactly what it sounds like; target audiences are given an experience rather than an ad. From turning 7-11 stores into Kwik-E-Marts from the Simpsons to Volkswagen’s piano staircase, experiential marketing has been popping up to the delight of consumers for quite some time. But the latest development in experiential marketing brings bigger experiences closer to home. By using AR and VR technology, marketers can create big experiences for audiences at tradeshows, releases, stores, and even at home. Last year, Coca Cola did just this with an AR simulator that allowed users to play a bit of soccer with Switzerland’s Xherdan Shaqiri at Zürich’s main train station. Samsung also created a buzzworthy VR marketing success with "A Moon for All Mankind,” a VR adventure that allows users to walk on the moon.

These kinds of AR and VR experiences are becoming more affordable and accessible for marketers, and creates an engaging, exciting experience for audiences. I don’t know about you, but I’d definitely drink a coke or check out the new Samsung smartphone after experiences like those!

Live streaming is another big deal for brands using video in 2019. Live chats, how-to’s, and behind-the-scenes event coverage are all great ways to stay engaged on social. Some companies are even doing Q&A sessions, which is a fantastic way to open conversations with fan bases and target audiences.

The last big trend we’re seeing crop up is the rise of centralized video content hubs. Set like news broadcasts, these live or pre-recorded series are taking over as traditional cable news becomes less accessible to cord-cutters. Usually only 30-45 minutes, these quick summary broadcasts are a great way for brands to establish loyalty and trust by demonstrating their knowledge and ability to keep tabs on their market’s pulse. Here at Advantage, we’ve actually jumped on this bandwagon with ABN: check out our latest episodes here.

Content: Personalization & AI

We’ve talked a number of times in this blog about the benefits of AI and personalization, so you know we’re huge fans. But what does personalization look like in 2019? Hyper-personalization. Like everything else in marketing, we’re always one-upping ourselves; hyper-personalization is the New Coke of 2019. It’s just like the old personalization, for the most part, but we’re trying to push it out like it’s a whole new thing. Let’s just hope that it finds more success!

In short, personalization and AI are now fully married and having hyper-personalization babies. Where personalization can create a custom email addressed to you by first name, hyper-personalization can send you a fully customized email tailored to your interests based on your online activity. This requires AI to collect and use your behavioral data to trigger automated emails based on key terms or activities stored in your user profile. But it takes it a step further and allows companies to update websites, customer service, and social media to reflect the subtle nuances of their users as well. It even dives into contextual data, and takes into consideration whether a user is on mobile or desktop, catering to every aspect of their overall experience.

Overall, we’re saying that 2020 looks promising for uberpersonalization. We’re not sure what that looks like, but we’re not too worried...yet.

Social: Instagram & Snapchat

Hey, so...we’re not sure how to tell you this, but...okay. We’ll just get it over with.

TikTok is the most downloaded iOs app of 2018. (Yes. Really.)

The social media landscape is shifting dramatically and exponentially. And as many of us are already aware, Facebook is at high risk when it comes to longevity in the social media world. It’s been on the decline in many ways for some time, but here’s a pretty startling graph that show just how disinterested younger generations are in Mark Zuckerberg’s fine offerings:


But don’t despair. The truth is, Facebook advertising is definitely effective and we don’t think that’s going to change tomorrow. But it’s more important than ever to be aware of up-and-comers in the social world, and be prepared to try new things.

One easy tip for Facebook Ads veterans is to really begin taking advantage of the Instagram cross-advertising opportunity that Facebook Ads offers, if you aren’t already. In addition, start upping your game on other platforms, like LinkedIn and Snapchat, as soon as possible, even if you’re just tinkering around on the back end. You will thank yourself later when the social media apocalypse comes. Or at least be ready when your leadership finally decides to expand your social budget and try something new.

And that’s our story. Do you agree? Disagree? Agree to disagree? What changes and trends are you seeing in the marketing world right now? Let us know!

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