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Marketing Group Launches Successful Pilot Program of Innovative New Solution

October 1, 2018    |     Advantage PR Team

ROCKAWAY, N.J., Sept. 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Advantage Business Marketing, the marketing content leader for more than one million innovators at science, design engineering, and manufacturing companies, announced today the initial results from their pilot Mobius Platform campaign.


Advantage's Mobius Platform disrupts traditional media buying methods, allowing clients to opt instead for a more holistic approach to marketing. By combining existing media channels with rich original content, engaged audiences, innovative marketing services, and data intelligence, Advantage is able to expose true ROI and generate growth for clients through intelligence and optimization. In addition, it allows clients to receive nurtured leads that are farther down the sales funnel.

This scalable platform solution proved to be a huge success for Components Corporation, who lacked a robust marketing and data department but wanted to boost revenue and return on spend. Advantage created a custom recipe for a cyclical solution that combines a variety of content options, marketing services, and data integrations for a unique campaign powered by experience, data, and performance.

The first results from the campaign proved that the Mobius method generated two times the return on initial investment after ten weeks. Components Corporation received a number of marketing-qualified and sales-qualified leads to distribute to their internal sales representatives.

Because a Mobius recipe is constantly evolving, the story isn't over yet. Additional marketing, data, and content services will be implemented to continue driving highly qualified leads and overall branding.

Advantage also onboarded Components Corporation's sales team to the Platform in order to directly tie leads to pipeline and closed sales, giving Components Corporation a better feel for data and KPI measurements, and a quicker timeframe in which to approach hot leads.

To watch the progress of this innovative pilot and learn more about Mobius, visit

About Advantage Business Marketing
Advantage Business Marketing delivers the news, trends, and analysis needed for business success, helping more than one million innovators at research and manufacturing organizations discover and procure new technologies that give them a competitive edge. The Advantage team leverages proprietary behavioral-data intelligence to provide measurable marketing solutions that expose true ROI for clients worldwide. To learn more about Advantage Business Marketing, please visit

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