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Don’t Let Bad Assets be Your Campaign’s Undoing

July 10, 2018    |     Jennifer Choo

What is an “asset”?

If you work in marketing and don’t live under a rock, then you know that lead generation and performance based marketing is all the buzz. Everyone and everything is about performance metrics and getting the best ROI on your marketing spend. And what is the basis of all of these cost per lead performance based programs, you ask? Simple—it’s content. Content is now king of the castle in the world of marketing.

We are not just talking about any content here, though. You can’t just throw your sales materials into the cost-per-lead campaign ring. There are a number of factors that need to be considered when creating a successful lead generation campaign and assets are one of, if not the most important, pieces of the puzzle—a piece which is but an afterthought for many companies. An asset is a piece of content that’s appropriate to use as a carrot-on-a-string for a lead generation campaign.

The digital marketing team here at Advantage has launched thousands of cost per lead campaigns and seen the full gambit of assets, from the weakest of the weak to the cream of the crop. We feel it is our duty to pass on the knowledge we have acquired to other marketers so that everyone can have the most successful campaign possible.

So.. what makes an asset good?

There is one key component that every successful asset has—and that, my friends, is education. The best assets, whether they are white papers, ebooks, webinars or application notes, are those that teach the reader. And by “teach,” I mean something that does far more than just lay out product specifications. The assets that outperform all others are those that educate readers about a topic relevant to the field your products reside in. A Guide to DC/DC Power will always outperform a sell sheet for Company XYZ’s DC converters. Why? Because audience bases are getting wiser by the minute, and they simply don’t care to be advertised to without receiving any value in return.

We all know that the end goal of any marketing effort is to secure leads that will turn into sales. However, as our marketing practices have evolved so have the purchasing processes of buyers. Approximately 96% of business-to-business customers want content from industry thought leaders to inform their buying decisions (Hubspot 2018). The key to increasing conversions and therefore sales, is establishing yourself and your company as the thought leader and educator in your field.

If someone visits your website, they have already done some research on you and your product. If someone is thinking about changing their ERP software, they don’t want ERP companies bombarding them with sales materials, they want to educate themselves on the options available and determine which product will best suit their needs. Who better to give them accurate, first-hand information and data on what the latest ERP software can do than a provider?

End game…

Making a great asset is the foundation of making a great campaign. Put simply, the most important thing to remember is to avoid the sales pitch. Audiences don’t want it, and it doesn’t take much creativity. Show your audience that you’re experts, that you’re clever, and that you stand out from your competition. Make your audiences want to print your asset and hang in on their corkboard for later reference. It’s these assets that close campaigns and pull in the most valuable leads.



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