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Audience Matters

September 20, 2018    |     Lindsay Jawor

While we may not be dealing in lists the way we used to, the fact is that audience matters more than ever in the demand generation game. No, we may not be talking about impressions or views as often as we once did, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t all still concerned with the breadth and depth of an audience list. The difference is that our parameters for those audiences is shifting from quantity to quality.

Innovative demand generation solutions are now being offered by a plethora of marketing service providers. From ABM to personalization, each service provider is capable of using data to target in on your ideal persona. But where are they finding those personas? And how much will it cost to reach them?

One of the key factors that sets the Mobius Platform apart from its competitors is that its parent organization, Advantage Business Marketing, boasts five content pillars with rich histories and engaged audiences throughout every stage of the manufacturing life cycle.


The Mobius Platform is a closed-loop cycle that produces perpetual demand generation through content, marketing efforts, and data. The methodology is anchored by original content creation, which is driven through robust media channels, amplified by innovative behavioral marketing techniques, and refined by data intelligence. The goal is to close the loop with sales data through feedback channels in order to truly expose ROI and leverage that data set to help the artificial intelligence systems learn and evolve. This allows the platform to continue generating demand for as long as a client wishes to receive nurtured leads, in-depth data, and brand awareness.

Advantage Pillars

The thing that sets Mobius apart is the channels it uses to drive demand. Rather than fishing for engagement across the wide market, Mobius uses Advantage Business Marketing’s five content pillars. This not only ensures that the targets are correct for the client, but it also ensures that costs don’t become prohibitive for the client to obtain the personas they seek.

In order to fully understand the platform’s offering, it’s vital to understand the depth of each pillar’s history, content, and audiences.

Innovation: How ideas begin and research moves forward... - Led by R&D, this pillar serves research scientists, engineers, and technical staff members of government, academic, and industrial laboratories around the world. Special areas of interest also include the annual R&D 100 Awards & Conference and the Global Funding Forecast.

Since 1959 (under the name Industrial Research), R&D has served research scientists, engineers and technical staff members at government, academic and industrial laboratories around the world.

Discovery: Where teams build on ideas and discovery happens... - Led by Laboratory Equipment, this pillar serves the laboratory professionals behind the development and testing of new products and discoveries. This includes content and news from the annual Laboratory Design Conference and Lab of the Year Awards.

For more than 50 years, Laboratory Equipment has been the leader in providing information on the latest new products across laboratory equipment needs, technology solutions, lab trends, and cutting-edge solutions for the lab.

Design: Where engineers build the prototypes that test the limits... - Led by ECN, this pillar serves design and product development engineers from cable and medical to electronic components.

Since 1957, ECN has provided design engineers with the information they need to be successful. Its mission has been to consistently feature breaking news, intelligence, new products and technology, and a wealth of additional tools for electronic design engineering professionals.

Manufacturing: Where products come to life... - Led by, this pillar serves the manufacturers, production managers, facility managers, operations departments, IT sectors, and financial professionals who support the world of manufacturing.

For over 20 years, has supplied a global community with the most up-to-date news, trends and opinions shaping the manufacturing landscape. By diving deep into relevant topics and trends, this first look at vital information has quickly become a daily must-read for influential manufacturing executives.

Distribution: How final products are delivered to consumers… - Led by Industrial Distribution, the final pillar focuses on industrial distributors of all sizes, and reaches out to facility, operations, logistics, and supply chain professionals. In addition to regular content, Industrial Distribution also releases four research reports, including The Big 50, annually.

Industrial Distribution has been delivering the information distributors need to succeed since 1911. Its editors are dedicated to reporting information that is valuable to industrial distributors, who are the critical link in any company’s sales success.

Reaching Every Reader

As you can see, the content in each pillar is highly specific to each part of the manufacturing life cycle, which makes each pillar the perfect place to find end users that directly need specific products and services to complete their daily professional tasks.

With this in mind, Advantage also switched from general topical newsletters to personalized newsletters, determined by each users interests, habits, and preferences. Rather than receiving a newsletter with one item that might be of interest to them, end users will now receive a custom newsletter designed just for them. Five of the newsletters cover the pillars, while two more dive a little deeper into specific parts of the manufacturing lifecycle (communications and medical design). From there, the content in the newsletter is completely customized for each user, giving readers direct access to information that pertains to them. They also include customized ads, making it easier for service and product providers to connect directly with the clients who need them most.

The newsletters cover the following topical areas, focusing on audiences rather than on existing brand titles:


In the digital world, it’s best to work with a marketing service that covers all aspects of marketing, from content to data, to ensure that you’re making the most out of every marketing dollar you spend.

For more information about Mobius and the Pillars, reach out today and see what Advantage can do for you.



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