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A Not-So-Crazy Idea to Close Your Next Sale

December 10, 2018    |     Glen Sundin


I hear this question a lot and have wondered it myself: what is the best way to validate your product or service?

My answer? Host a dinner at a single table with a combination of legacy customers, new customers, and prospects. As the salesperson, all you will need to do is keep the conversation going and your products/services will sell themselves.

Here’s a projected dinner discussion based on my own experience as a representative here at Advantage Business Marketing:

  Customer 1 will talk about the fact that they committed to too many SQLs and their sales department was having a hard time keeping up with them.
  Customer 2 will share their experience and help Customer 1 understand that their lead quantity probably needs to be adjusted more realistically. Customer 2 will then talk about how much they struggle with creating content. Although this customer has the engineers on staff to create their content, they would prefer the engineers work on revenue generating projects, not writing.
  Customer 3 will respond that they solved this issue by having an outside company write content before having their engineers give it a once-over final review for fact checking purposes. Customer 3 will then share their difficulties in taking the data from their leads and entering it manually into their CRM or MAP.
  Customer 4 will respond and explain that an easy API or web hook can be built in order to export the leads right into the CRM/MAP or import the data from the web hook. They will then discuss the issues they have proving their marketing ROI to management. At that point, Customer 1 will share that through metrics and integration, they’ve got the numbers to prove that their efforts are directly helping close sales.
  The Prospect(s) at the table will hear all of these conversations, organically learning what they need to become more successful, and will soon become customers themselves.

  • As you can see, these dialogues with and between customers are priceless. If you can bring the right audience to the table, the time and investment on the meal will pay for itself many times over. Sales are our goal, but the best way to guarantee a sale is through genuine human interaction mixed with some honest education.


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