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Advantage Business Marketing Unifies Science and Technology Brands to Offer Larger Audience Pool

August 14, 2018    |     Advantage PR Team

Six Media Channels Merge as Part of End-to-End Go-to-Market Solution

ROCKAWAY, N.J.Aug. 14, 2018 -- Advantage Business Marketing, a leader in data-driven content marketing for innovation and manufacturing professionals, announced the latest development in their digital transformation and commitment to bring more meaningful best practices to the market. Media channels under the Advantage brand are merging into five distinct business "pillars," covering the entire manufacturing cycle. Advantage clients will now have access to data-rich channels that reach audiences in every stage of the product life-cycle, from research and development to distribution.

This structural shift is the latest part of the Advantage vision to "become a case study," leveraging all of the Advantage offerings that prove out its marketing platform ROI. Already, Advantage is beta testing a new marketing solutions platform that gives clients access to a continuous, integrated loop of measurable marketing campaigns. This cyclical platform is setting a new industry standard for how data can be accessed and leveraged to achieve greater ROI, actionable leads, and measurable results.

"Every Advantage move and business model is to give companies, marketers and readers a more data rich, high impact content channel that includes the latest industry trends and influencers packaged with analytics and ROI," said CEO Bruce Cummings.

The five new pillars will consist of R&DLaboratory, and Industrial Distribution. The remaining 17 titles will live on as topic areas under their new respective sites, and will continue to maintain their own identities. The merge creates a richer database and access to deeper analytical insights on content and engagement. Editorial staff members will use these insights to hit on trending topics and network closely with influencers in the manufacturing and innovation spaces.

This unification gives readers of each pillar wider access to topics related to their professional interests, from breaking news to disruptive developments in the world of science and technology.

"Our team is committed to becoming the most valuable content and resource channel for our core and future customers--allowing them to deeply engage in communities that truly matter for the entire life-cycle of a product," said Bea Riemschneider, Editorial Director, Advantage Science & Technology.

The ALN, Bioscience TechnologyControlled EnvironmentsDrug Discovery & DevelopmentLaboratory DesignLaboratory Equipment, and Scientific Computing channels have each enjoyed a rich history, spanning over four decades, providing in-depth information about laboratory, research, and technological developments. These websites and publications will be realigned under two of Advantage's existing powerhouse titles to give readers open access to all relevant science and technology information. ALN, Bioscience Technology, Laboratory Design, and Laboratory Equipment have been merged under the Laboratory Equipment pillar. Likewise, Controlled EnvironmentsDrug Discovery & DevelopmentPharmaceutical ProcessingR&D, and Scientific Computing have converged under the R&D pillar.

By the end of the summer, three additional pillars,, and Industrial Distribution will each adopt aspects of CEDWireless WeekMedical Design TechnologyProduct Design & DevelopmentWireless Design & DevelopmentChem.InfoFood ManufacturingIMPO, and Manufacturing Business Technology as topic areas within their channel offerings.

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Advantage Business Marketing helps more than one million innovators at science, design engineering and manufacturing companies discover and procure new technologies that give them a competitive advantage.  The team provides measurable marketing solutions delivering the news, trends and analysis needed for business success. Advantage leverages proprietary behavioral-data intelligence to strengthen brand awareness, provide thought leadership, drive traffic and deliver qualified leads.

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